Oxidation, minor cracking and general fading has no doubt diminished the original "New Look" of the asphalt in some of your properties. GBR PAVING uses GuardTop seal to protect your original investment, but will also add years of life to the property's asphalt and will restore it's original appearance. A sealcoat is a fraction of the cost of a resurface job (new layer of asphalt) that is needed when asphalt has been neglected.


GBR PAVING, Ensures The Asphalt Protection Application Process And Applies…
GuardTop The Gold Standard



At GBR PAVING, after the surface has been properly prepared, GuardTop Seal Coat is applied.
GuardTop can be mixed with water to obtain a desired consistency for the job requirements.
The maximum dilution for the product is 20% water to 80% GuardTop.
Please note that care should be taken not to over dilute the product. As pavement increases in roughness, the amount of dilution should be decreased. GuardTop should be applied in the following steps. 





1. First Coat
Prior to applying the first coat, GBR PAVING mist the
surface with water. Then apply GuardTop using a truck mounted tank, or wheeled container. We spread in continuous parallel lines by means of rubber-faced squeegees or by broom. This process can be completed by hand or by machine. GBR PAVING uses both methods. All tools should be misted wet before use to avoid product adhesion. After material has been applied to the surface, the GuardTop should be spread by pulling the material toward the operator in a manner that will eliminate all ridges and air pockets.
On excessively rough areas: for the first coat add 3 pounds of 30 mesh sand to each gallon of GuardTop and 1/10 gallon of GuardTop Hard Base Emulsion. Apply as a normal first coat. Then apply two additional coats of GuardTop without the sand additive to the surface.


 2. Second Coat
After the first coat has completely dried, re-mist the surface with water, check to see that the surface is clean and free of all debris and apply the second coat using the same application process as the first coat. If a third coat is required repeat this step.

3. Drying Time
GuardTop should be allowed to dry a minimum of 24 hours before heavy traffic is permitted. Please note that when asphalt is cold, in shade or the air temperature is below 75 degrees drying time may need to be extended. GuardTop should not be applied in temperatures below 55 degrees.

4. Parking Lot and Traffic Flow Striping
Striping for parking or traffic flow should be completed only after the seal coat has thoroughly dried. It is recommended that a high quality water based traffic line paint be used for best results.

Fight Asphalt Cracks, Seal Asphalt Cracks, Asphalt Surface Protection

Prior to applying GuardTop seal coat the surface must be prepped for the product. GBR PAVING does Proper preparation ensures a long lasting, quality job that will ensure customer satisfaction. The following simple guidelines are to help insure a quality job.

1. Clean and Fill All Cracks
For asphalt cracks that are 1/8 inch or larger, GBR PAVING clean by brushing and treat with weed killer. Next apply GuardTop Crack filler. The crack should be filled to match the surface of the rest of the pavement. For larger cracks, GuardTop Crack filler may have to be applied several times. For large cracks that have broken asphalt and for areas that have broken asphalt, we recommend that the loose asphalt be removed and patched with new asphalt. Extreme low spots should also be filled with new asphalt. It is recommended that new asphalt should cure for a period of 30 days before sealing with GuardTop seal coat. For more information on GuardTop Crack filler please see product specification sheet located at www.GuardTop.com.

2. Prepare Oil and Grease Residue
Seal Coatings will not adhere to surfaces with excessive oil and grease. For a quality job, GBR PAVING clean all oil and grease deposits with a degreasing solution using a stiff bristle broom or a power operated broom. Areas completely saturated are recommended to be removed and replaced with new asphalt. Then apply GuardTop Oil Seal to all oil and grease stained surfaces. Simply brush in GuardTop Oil Seal to the surface insuring full coverage over the stain. For more information on GuardTop Oil Seal please see product specification sheet located at www.GuardTop.com.

3. Final Surface Cleaning
After all pavement repairs have been completed, the surface should be clean and free of all dirt, debris and existing pavement loose graveled particles. Please note that dirt and loose debris will restrict the adherence of the seal coat. To clean the surface GBR PAVING use a power broom, power blower or flush the surface with high pressure water. This process will ensure a long lasting quality job.

4. Mist
For best GuardTop Seal Coat results it is recommended that the surface be sprayed with a mist of water in an amount that will leave the surface damp and free of standing water or puddles. The misting procedure is critical when the ambient temperature is hot and on bright sunny days or when the pavement is excessively aged and porous. In these instances, the pavement will draw the water out of the seal coat at a more rapid rate than recommended unless the surface is pre-watered.

5. Priming Excessively Weathered Surfaces
For excessively weathered surfaces a primer or fog seal should be applied to the surface. The primer should consist of a 50/50 mixture of SS1-H and water. GBR PAVING apply the mixture to the surface, let dry and then apply GuardTop Seal Coat to the surface.